How to Apply for an Australian Passport Online

How to Apply for an Australian Passport Online

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You may apply for an Australian passport online if you’re an Australian citizen who is 18 years of age or older. To get started, go to the Australian Passport Office to learn more about the necessary paperwork. the procedure for submitting applications.
An Australian passport is necessary if you are an Australian citizen and wish to travel. As long as you have all the required paperwork, obtaining an Australian passport may be a reasonably simple procedure. It might be intimidating to apply for a new passport if you don’t currently have one or if your current one has expired.

However, obtaining a new passport isn’t too difficult provided you have the necessary information and documentation. Here, we’ll look at how to apply for an Australian passport online so you can quickly reserve your travel and lodging. A regular adult application with a 10-year validity term costs AUD 255.

There are further choices, including AUD 265’s 5-year validity duration and AUD 295’s extended 5-year validity period, both of which permit use until the age of 16. If you are older than 18 and cannot demonstrate your identification with another document,

How to prepare before applying for an Australian passport

You should take a few steps before applying for your Australian passport to ensure that you have the necessary paperwork and that the process runs well.

– Be careful to update your address information with the Australian Electoral Commission before submitting your passport application. Call them at 1800 472 8667 or fill out their online form here to make this request. Step-by-Step Instructions for Applying for an Australian Passport Online

Additionally, make sure your Australian passport is current. Prior to obtaining a new passport, you must renew your current one if it is about to expire. See our post on how to renew your Australian passport for instructions on how to accomplish this.

You must apply for an Australian passport for children if you have a kid under the age of 16 who will be listed on your passport. See our post on how to obtain a passport for a minor to learn more about this.


 Australian Passport
Australian Passport

Getting your Australian passport online

You must gather all the supporting papers before submitting an application to get an ePassport. After that, you may pay for your application and check on its status online.

You need a current Australian passport number in order to apply for an ePassport. If you don’t already have one, follow these instructions to obtain a passport number.

  1. First, visit the Australian Passport Office website and click on “Apply Now”.
  2. Then, select the “New Individual” tab and click “Begin”.
  3.  Next, you will be asked to enter your name and date of birth.
  4. Once you have entered this information, select “Continue” to be taken to the passport number request page.
  5. Enter the required information and click “Submit”.
  6.  If your application is successful, you will be provided with a passport number as well as a passport identity number. If your application is unsuccessful, you will receive further instructions on what to do next

Step 1: Find out if you’re eligible for an ePassport

You must be an Australian citizen in order to apply for an ePassport. Your Australian passport must have been issued on or after October 1, 2016, in order to be eligible. Additionally, you need to have received a passport within the last ten years. You can move on to the following stage if you satisfy these conditions.

Step 2: Gather your identification documents

Two forms of identification will be required from you when you apply for an ePassport. These must be legitimate documents that are no older than ten years. The two identification documents you must present are: – A primary identity card, such as a passport, driver’s license, government employee ID card, or birth certificate; – A secondary identity card, such as a marriage certificate, divorce certificate, adoption certificate, proof of name change document, or certificate of no conviction. You need to be aware that some travel documents are only valid in particular places. For example, a state or national identity card is valid for travel to New Zealand, but a driver’s license is only valid for travel to the United States. You need to be certain that you have the correct documents in place before you submit your application.

Step 3: Check the eligibility of your travel companion\

If you’re flying somewhere with a partner, you must make sure they have a valid passport for that place. You should also be aware that your passport can only indicate one travel companion. Each participant will need to submit a passport application if you intend to travel with more than one partner.

Step 4: Fill in the application form

Three steps must be completed in the application form. Your information will be requested on the first page. If relevant, you must include information about your traveling partner on the second page. You must choose the sort of ePassport you want to apply for on the third page. Additionally, a summary of the costs you’ll have to pay and the data you supplied on the application form will be shown to you. When all of the information you have supplied is to your satisfaction, click “Submit” to move on with your application.

Step 5: Pay the application fee and get your tracking number

When you are certain that you have given all the required information, click “Next” to proceed to the next stage. To complete the application fee, a credit card number will be required from you. You will receive a receipt for your application once you have entered your credit card information. Additionally, a tracking number will be sent to you, allowing you to monitor the status of your application online. Within two business days, you will have your new Australian passport.


As long as you have the required paperwork and properly fill out the application, getting a new Australian passport is a rather straightforward procedure. You may apply for a new passport online, and it will arrive in a few days. Australian passports come in a variety of forms, such as an adult ePassport or a child ePassport. The costs varies across the various varieties, therefore it’s crucial to keep track of which one you requested so you can pick it up from the post office when it comes.

5 Steps to Get Your Australian Passport in 15 Minutes

Many of us are eager to visit the world since it is now easier and more economical to do so. However, a passport is necessary for international travel. Furthermore, if you’ve never had to produce your passport, it could seem difficult. Obtaining an Australian passport might be challenging whether you were born in Australia or have spent the most of your life there. Fortunately, if you match the prerequisites, there are measures you may take to obtain your Australian passport in as little as 15 minutes.If you have a parent who was born in Australia or still has Australian citizenship, the procedure will be substantially simpler. Despite having two nationalities, they can only present their Australian passport as identification. Don’t worry if it isn’t the case for you. Continue reading to learn how to obtain an Australian passport and how simple it is to go anywhere in the globe.

Check Your Eligibility for an Australian Passport

Checking to discover if you are even qualified for an Australian passport should be your first step. You must know if you or a parent was born in Australia for you to be able to accomplish this. You are both British and Australian if you were born in Australia. You are only Australian if one of your parents was born there. This is crucial to understand because depending on whether you are simply Australian or also British, you will need to follow a different procedure to obtain your passport.

Get Your Birth Certificate

You must also obtain your Australian birth certificate if you were born there. You can do this online, in person, or by visiting the local or state registrar’s office. You’ll need to know the hospital where you were born as well as the address of your parents’ home when you were born. The fee of the certificate varies based on where you apply. By requesting a citizenship certificate, you can also obtain your birth certificate.

Get Your Citizenship Certificate

You must submit an application for a citizenship certificate if you were born in Australia but your parents were not. You can apply for an Australian passport using this certificate as proof that you are an Australian citizen. You may complete this totally online by submitting a form and your birth certificate. Additionally, you will have to show proof that you have resided in Australia for the past 12 months. An example of this might be a phone bill or bank statement. To apply, you must also pay $60.

Apply for the ePassport

You can apply for an ePassport after you have your birth certificate and citizenship certificate. You will need this to submit your passport application. You can complete this either online or at an Australian consulate abroad. Your entire name, birthdate, citizenship certificate, and other information must be provided. There is also a $100 charge that you must pay.

Get Your Photo Shaken Up

You must have a professional photo taken for your passport before you may obtain one. This is possible in a lot of retail locations, including Walmart and Target. Through websites like Shutterfly, you can also order them online. Make sure your image complies with the conditions listed below: You have your eyes open. You can see your ears and your head is looking forward. – Your mouth is shut. You have hair that covers your ears. – There is no tilt to your head. Your mouth is closed.

You should give yourself at least 6 weeks to obtain a new passport, whether you apply domestically or abroad. You might be able to use our priority service for an extra cost if you have an urgent need to travel. Step-by-Step Instructions for Applying for an Australian Passport Online
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If you weren’t born in Australia, getting a passport might be challenging. And if you’ve never had one, it might be challenging to understand the procedure. You may use the five procedures outlined in this article to obtain your Australian passport fast and effortlessly. These procedures will ensure that you may obtain an Australian passport in as little as 15 minutes, from obtaining your birth certificate to submitting an ePassport application.

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