Sifa Za Kujiunga Na Amazon College

Sifa Za Kujiunga Na Amazon College| Amazon Admission Requirements

Amazon College is a private college in Tanzania that provides opportunities for young people who lack the qualifications and criteria to join universities. The college offers various short courses that have become a refuge for many young people seeking qualifications for employment in various fields in Tanzania. These short courses are also useful for professionals looking to enhance their skills and qualifications. Amazon College offers a wide range of courses, including Tourism Management and Tour Guide, Secretarial Course, and Driving Course, among others.

The college has over six branches located in different areas of Dar es Salaam, including Buguruni, Kariakoo, Magomeni, Mbagala Rangi Tatu, Mbezi, Tegeta, and Banana. The presence of branches in various locations makes it easier for those in need of the courses offered by Amazon College to access services close to where they live, both internally and externally, especially in the East African region.

Admission to Amazon College

To apply for admission to Amazon College, you must be a form four graduate or primary leaving certificate holder. Even if you have not completed the seventh grade or passed your national exam, there are courses available at Amazon College that you can learn if you know how to read and write. To ensure that you meet the admission requirements for your desired course, it is important to conduct research and contact the admission center of Amazon College for more information.

In summary, Amazon College in Tanzania provides short courses for young people and professionals seeking to enhance their skills and qualifications. With its multiple branches located throughout Dar es Salaam, the college offers convenience and accessibility to individuals seeking to enroll in their courses. Meeting the admission requirements is essential for a successful application, and it is recommended to conduct research before enrolling in any course.

Amazon College Admission Center Contact Details

  • +255719925165
  • S.L.P 55832, Dar Es Salaam

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